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Featured Blogger Babe: Diana Kerr

Today is a GREAT day — it’s the initial kickoff for my new Featured Blogger Babe series on J.Lynn Designery!

I started this series with one goal in mind: to share some of my favorite bloggers with my own readers, so you can discover some of these amazing women for yourself! The blogging community is a strong and supportive one, and I am always astounded by the talent and accomplishments of my blog friends. Now, you’ll get to read about them and learn from them on other topics I may not cover as much on J.Lynn Designery.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce the very FIRST Featured Blogger Babe: Diana Kerr!

Diana is a Christian blogger here to help you push aside the icky stuff in life and tackle your goals, ambitions and all the craziness of life with your faith at the core of it all.

In your own words, tell me what your blog is about…

The purpose of my blog is really to equip Christian chicks with the tools and truths they need to get unstuck and achieve their goals so they can be the best version of themselves. The blog started as a chance to peel back the curtain on my struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and expose the fact that none of us ladies these days have it all together. (Until then, people thought I did have it all together, which is a joke.) Since then, I’ve maintained my very real, authentic writing style but have shifted to incorporating ways to tangibly help women create the life they’ve been craving. As a life coach, the blog is a way for me to touch women’s lives even if they aren’t one of my coaching clients!

As a life coach, the blog is a way for me to touch women’s lives even if they aren’t one of my coaching clients!

Why do you love blogging?

I love watching God work in unexpected ways. Just that. The emails and Facebook messages I get from women every day are beyond amazing. I never ever wanted to do this kind of thing — blogging and such. If it weren’t for rheumatoid arthritis, I would have become a teacher, so obviously the Big Guy knew what he was doing. 😉 God rocks!

What has been your most proud or favorite accomplishment since you started your blog?

I’ve loved how blogging has opened up other opportunities for me to write devotions and blog posts for other audiences, but most of all I think I’m proudest of
the leaps of faith I’ve taken. Surrender and obedience to God are hard for a girl who loves to plan and be in control. The biggest accomplishment was probably just hitting “Publish” on that first post. The day I walked into my boss’s office and quit my job to pursue full-time writing and coaching was a pretty big day, too. The first step is often the hardest, isn’t it?

Diana Kerr

What is a goal you’d like to work towards for your blog?

Goals! I love goals! The biggest goal I have is to use coaching and training programs to impact thousands of women who feel overwhelmed and want to get unstuck so they can make the things that matter most happen. As much as I love, love, LOVE 1-on-1 coaching, I get really lit up about being able to change tons of lives all at once. The Summer Accountability Sisterhood (coming in July 2015!) is my first offering of that nature, designed specifically for the go-getter Christian chicks who I’m most passionate about serving.

Do you have a favorite post you’ve written?

One of my favorites and most popular posts is “22 things I don’t do.” I am sooo open about the fact that I intentionally don’t do a lot of things, even though some of the things in my list seem extreme. For me personally, saying no to things or letting someone else do them for me (like my amazing assistant) is one of the best ways I feel I can serve God. Read this post!

Do you have any favorite blogs or blog idols? If yes, who are they?

Ahhh! Yes. Easy. Lara Casey. And as far as ministry goes, Jennie Allen. They are my two biggest role models.

What piece of advice would you share with new bloggers or those interested in starting a blog?

I would say to identify what you really want to achieve with blogging and let that frame how you go about it. What is the end result you’re after? If it’s to monetize it versus grow your platform versus meet like-minded people, etc. that should influence a lot — how often you post, how much time and money you invest, how you drive traffic to the site, etc. Figure out the easiest and best way to accomplish the goal you’re after. Also, trust your gut. No matter what you do, someone will tell you you should be doing more or you should be doing things differently, so you have to stick to what feels right to you or you’ll go crazy.

I would say to identify what you really want to achieve with blogging and let that frame how you go about it.

And finally, my signature question…how do you take your coffee?

Decaf with coconut milk! Decaf because caffeine makes me bonkers and coconut milk because I eat paleo. 🙂

A huge thanks to Diana for stopping by to share all about herself and her lovely blog!! If you’d like to follow along with Diana, find her website here, and follow her on social media with the links below!

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