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Brand Design Spotlight: Nomadic Newlyweds

When a client uses words like cherished, unique, and free to describe how they aspire for their own clients and customers to feel…you know this journey of rebranding is going to be a passionate and intentional one.

The flap of an envelope can portray so much: adventure, intimacy, rainy afternoons writing letters, moments by the water spent capturing your thoughts and feelings on paper…these are the sweet, intriguing, well-thought-out intentions that went into the rebrand for Nomadic Newlyweds. Everything from their rich, inviting palette to their logo and even the pattern detail we designed together carries these feelings through their new brand.

The goal and intention of any brand development process is to find ways to portray a certain feeling to a certain person.

Every company, large or small, old or new, has an ideal customer in mind; someone they strive to reach with their messaging, visuals, and identity, someone they hope to make a connection with. For Nomadic Newlyweds, the goal was to bring feelings of cherished, unique, and free to the client, from the first time they discovered them on social media or their website, to the final send-off, and every touchpoint in-between.

The final Brand Style Board and logo suite is an expression of these feelings. And the sweet envelope pattern we designed together is the perfect little detail to help carry their brand through to packaging and other unique printed and digital design opportunities that are sure to delight clients from start to finish.

Visit Nomadic Newlyweds online and follow along with their beautifully captured adventures on Instagram.

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Permission to Start Over

Isn’t it funny how we all turn to the New Year as a time to start over? THIS is the year I will do _______________________.

But whoever said we had to wait for the new year to start anything? I get it; there’s an entire world of people celebrating the start of something new together. That’s empowering and can be super motivating if you’re embarking on a new personal journey of some kind.

But I need you to know something: you can start today.

Is today January 1st? Nope. (Unless you happen to be reading this almost a year later ON January 1st.) But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until the next year or even the next month. Start. Right. Now.

I’m not the only one who believes this. Know how? Because I have customers from all over the world that continue to buy planners through January and even into February and March! They know that NOW is the perfect time to start, even if it’s not the “1st of anything.” It’s the first day of your journey, and that’s all that matters.

So start today. Forget what the world says and make today YOUR day to start anew.

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In Our Digital World, Get Back to Basics

In Our Digital World, Get Back to Basics

When I share that I design and sell paper planners, this statement generally evokes one of two reactions:

“That’s amazing, I LOVE my paper planner!”
“What on earth, people still use paper planners?”

By the way, person #2, the answer is yes. Oh, yes.

But I never really get to explain WHY I use a paper planner and why I’m so darn passionate about them… obsessed to the point where I made an entire business out of them.

Here’s the thing: we’re in a world today that is run by technology.

Most of us suffer from slight (or severe) anxiety if we accidentally leave our phone at home, and we’re addicted to checking in on social media for new notifications or just to enter into a mindless period of scrolling through updates in our friends’ lives. Don’t get me wrong — technology plays a large role in my day to day tasks and business operations; but if we’re not careful, this useful device we have on hand at all times can easily become a barrier to what’s really important.

To combat this, I get back to basics: enter, paper.

Pen to paper may seem ancient to some, but is shared over and over again as the number one trick for remembering details and making your dreams and goals a reality. Write. It. Down.

The Refresh Weekly Planner was designed to do just that; act as a single, beautiful, compact tool that allows you to write down everything from your schedule and to-do lists to brainstorming sessions and goal planning. It’s a place to free yourself from the screens we stare at all day long and focus on the words and thoughts you’re putting onto paper.

Next time you have a task to accomplish, goal to work toward, or even just a grocery list to compose, try getting back to basics and simply write it down.