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J.Lynn Designery

Founded on the ideal that peace of mind lies in the acts of writing, reading, and reflecting, J.Lynn Designery was born with the mission of bringing that contentment to your life and business every day.

The tangibility of recording and reflecting upon your week, your year, your wedding, or any other priority that may be a part of your life at the moment encourages your presence by focusing on the things that matter and brings clarity to your day. J.Lynn Designery planners and products are an opportunity for you to find fulfillment and peace in your schedule while working toward your own goals, aspirations, and significant life events.


Jenna Murillo is the founding designer of J.Lynn Designery, currently based in Kansas City, Kansas. Having grown up with an innate draw toward entrepreneurial life and an obsession with writing, reading, and creating with paper, she quickly found her path of joining these two passions…and J.Lynn Designery was born.

Most days, you’ll find Jenna with coffee in hand and working away at the home office in KC, often with her two sweet guinea pigs nearby.